Wardens in partnership with A2 Dominion

Tue, 25 June 2013

Hounslow Homes have entered into a contract to extend the Neighbourhood Warden Service they provide to A2Dominion Housing Association. Following an initial pilot, the Warden Service has been contracted to provide a 7 day a week service at 22 sites across West London.

During the successful pilot programme patrolling neighbourhoods in Hillingdon and Brentford, wardens successfully tackled a range of issues including youth nuisance, drug use, bicycle theft, vandalism and environmental concerns. Residents that benefitted from the service registered an overwhelmingly positive response that resulted in the agreement of this new contract.

The partnership is the latest success in Hounslow Homes' ambition to grow revenue following it’s diversification into new business as an optimised ALMO. The contract also enhances the growing reputation of the Neighbourhood Wardens as a highly valued service by external partners across West London. Martin Greenway, Housing Services Manager commented, 'We are delighted to be working with A2 Dominion to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour using our successful early intervention method. Residents can expect us to be responsive and well equipped to tackle ASB on the spot, and to build links with local residents.'