Disability Equality

The Equality Act 2010 as well as the prior Disability Discrimination Act 1995, amended by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA), placed a statutory general duty on all public authorities, including ALMO’s to actively promote disability equality. This means that Hounslow Homes, in carrying out all its functions (new & existing) must have due regard to the need to:

  • Promote equality of opportunity between disabled persons & other persons
  • Eliminate discrimination that is unlawful
  • Eliminate harassment of disabled persons that is related to their disabilities
  • Promote positive attitudes towards disabled persons
  • Encourage participation by disabled persons in public life
  • Take steps to take account of disabled persons disabilities, even where that involves treating disabled persons more favourably than other persons.

Hounslow Homes will continue to go beyond it's legal duties to meet good practice within the area of disability equality as well as to meet the duties passed on by London Borough of Hounslow to Hounslow Homes, in carrying out work on its behalf.

Hounslow Homes has produced and published its Disibility Equality Scheme. Progress is monitored by the Equality Strategic Group which meets quarterly.

Hounslow Homes views its Disability Equality Scheme as a continuation of its Disability Equality Strategy, which was originally produced in January 2000, and revised again in 2005.

Further information can be obtained from Neghet Khan by e-mailing to neghet.khan@hounslowhomes.org.uk or by calling 020 8583 4011

A leaflet entitled 'Accessing Hounslow Homes Services' is also available, with further information on the various ways we can communicate with you.